Friday, November 20, 2009

A high level Data Guide for the Dev Guy - “Guide to the Data Development Platform for .NET Developers”

Bob Beauchemin's Blog - Guide to the Data Development Platform for .NET Developers whitepaper available

“I've been busy for the last few weeks putting together a "manifesto" whitepaper about the .NET-based data access stacks and also the possibilities for .NET programmers in the SQL Server product itself. The whitepaper's direct link is here, although its also available via both the MSDN Data Developer Center and the SQL Server 2008 Application Development website. I don't see the arbitrary distinction between application developers who use databases and SQL developers that some do, so writing this paper and covering both was a good fit.

This whitepaper is quite a bit more high-level than others that I've written, meant to be an all-embracing introduction to .NET and SQL Server and point out the possibilities for .NET programmer. While writing this I was stunned at how many integration points there are between .NET and SQL Server. Every part of the SQL Server product uses .NET in one form or another. Check it out.


MSDN - Guide to the Data Development Platform for .NET Developers

“SQL Server Technical Article
(11 printed pages)

Writer: Bob Beauchemin, SQLskills

Published: November 2009

Applies to: SQL Server 2008

Summary: This whitepaper covers all facets of the .NET data development platform. This includes not only client-side and service-based APIs but also .NET APIs for programming at a server level inside the SQL Server 2008 database and for developing and testing a SQL Server database application. It also includes information on future directions of the .NET and SQL Server development platform.

Guide to the Data Development Platform for NET Developers

With all the Microsoft data access means and methods sometimes we need to take a step back and take a higher level look at things. That’s what I liked about this whitepaper, the 30,000 foot view it provided.

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