Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PowerShell your PDC

Development in a Blink - 25 lines of PowerShell to Navigate PDC09 Sessions

“I find the PDC09 site a bit frustrating to navigate the sessions I want to attend.

So I whipped up this 25 line PowerShell/WPK GUI. Type in the search box to find matching session titles. Click on a title and the browser navigates to PDC session page.

image  ”

Got to love the power of people conforming data to better fit their needs (and then sharing that. :)


On a related note as I’ve mentioned, I do wish there was a Microsoft Conference API (ConfAPI) or SDK. The RSS feed is a nice, but it sure would be cool if those of us interested in crafting our own UI to Microsoft Conferences didn’t have to reverse engineer the conference sites/feeds and were instead embraced by Microsoft. Fan “Conference UI”’s, with appropriate disclaimers, etc would IMHO only increase the value of the given conference, spread the word, show off MS tech and would be done for free. Now that’s a deal!

Now I’m not saying the teams that build/built the existing conference sites are bad or anything. Heck, it’s the reverse! They are doing a great job in what I’d guess is a pretty thankless position. Those team(s) are great and are constantly working to improve and adapt.

I just want to make their job easier, I want to do some of their work for them for free! :) lol

But I need them to meet us half way. Give us, your community, a supported API/SDK/Web Service layer that will span conferences (Mix, PDC, TechEd, etc) and I bet you’ll be surprised at what your community will do for you…


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