Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The WPF Starter Kit – A simple, barebones, pick it up in an afternoon, MVVM/Navigation/Commanding Framework

Knowledgecast - The WPF Starter Kit

“If you're looking to get straight to the code, go here: http://wpfstarterkit.codeplex.com/

When I started out with this application I really wanted to use the Model View View Model pattern. Not only because MVVM is the hot new pattern (which it admittedly is) but also because I think MVVM is what MVC always wanted to be. Of course, WPF's brilliant data binding and commanding support only helps. We did evaluate what was then known as Prism (http://compositewpf.codeplex.com/) but found it a little too complicated for a project this size (the application only has about 30 views). Another thing that didn't fit was the large learning curve. Most of the people on the project, while quite well versed with managed code, we new to the WPF way of doing things.

That was when I made the decision to build a up a barebones, simple MVVM/Navigation/Commanding framework that would be easy to pick up in a single afternoon. While it does not have the modularity, complexity or extensibility of Prism, it worked very well for our application.


CodePlex - WPF Starter Kit

“The WPF Starter Kit is a great way to get started building Model View ViewModel based WPF applications. Unlike other MVVM frameworks, the starter kit makes it easy for people new to WPF to jump right in. Here's what the WPF Starter Kit supports:

  • A simple, easy to use implementation of the Model View View Model pattern
  • A navigation framework that allows for clean navigation between View/ViewModel units. This framework is based on built-in WPF navigation
  • Support for passing data between View Models
  • Support for generic exception handling
  • Support for long running operations on the UI thread


Simple is good. Getting up to speed on MVVM and Commanding/Command Routing is not DARPA Hard, but it’s not easy either. And if you’re trying to ALSO learn WPF at the same time, well I’ve seen brains leaking from ears… It was not pretty…  :o

BTW, there’s a PowerPoint presentation if you help to need to sell “someone” on MVVM…


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