Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making testing in Visual Studio demon hot... New RedGate ".NET Demon" Visual Studio Extension beta

Alex Davies - A new toy - .NET Demon

"I'd like to present a new tool for .NET Developers that we've been cooking up in the Red Gate .NET team. It's only a beta at the moment, but it works for most people.

.NET Demon Beta

It's a Visual Studio extension that cuts the time you spend waiting to find whether your code is right. It does this by:

  • Continuous testing (running your NUnit tests as you type)
  • Continuous compilation (so you can start running instantly because your code is already compiled)
  • Inline code coverage (so you know which tests are covering the code you're editing, and if they start failing)
  • Continuous save (so you don't have to press ctrl-S ever again)


RedGate - .NET Demon

"Take the waiting out of Visual Studio development

.NET Demon automatically compiles and tests your code in the background.

Continuous testing

Be a better coder by getting faster feedback from your unit tests.

  • Takes care of running your tests while you code
  • Shows code coverage and test results alongside the your code
  • Intelligently only runs tests impacted by your changes
Start running instantly

Even if you don't have unit tests, .NET Demon will help you to test your code faster.

  • Continuous compilation means your code is already compiled when you need it
  • Intelligently only compiles projects impacted by your changes
  • Cleanly replaces the normal Visual Studio build system
Continuous save

.NET Demon saves your work as you type, so you can give your ctrl and S keys a rest.

Learn more

Find out more about .NET Demon


You had me at "Continuous Save..." :)

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