Monday, December 07, 2009

Free (reg-ware) PowerShell v1 eBook (593 pages) – “SAPIEN’s Windows Powershell V1.0: TFM”

Rod Trent at - Free Windows PowerShell ebook

“With the recent release of Windows PowerShell v.2 and the immanent publication of our well regarded Windows PowerShell v.2 TFM book by Don Jones and Jeff Hicks, SAPIEN is releasing our Windows PowerShell v.1 TFM eBook as a FREE download to the public. Even though this eBook is for version 1 of PowerShell, the book still contains loads of valuable information about PowerShell’s core workings and cmdlets. …”

Primal Tools - Community Tools


Shot of the cover:


I think it’s been forever since I’ve posted an eBook (like days and days! ;) and I just couldn’t pass up 593 pages of PS’ness…

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