Monday, February 01, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #22 – TechNet Blogs

Today’s feed is another feed only for the hard core, only for those who cannot get enough Microsoft Tech/IT news, only for those who feel a 0 unread post count is a personal insult, only for the die hard news hound.

Hey, that sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? (cough… A Feed You Should Read #20 –… cough)

Yep, today’s feed is the prefect counter part to…

TechNet Blogs



Where as MSDN focuses toward development, TechNet is more the Information Technology/IT side of the house. How to use it, how to fix it and how to take advantage of it are just some of the kinds of things you’ll find posted about on TechNet.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Again, I’m torn recommending this feed due to its post volume. Hundreds of posts a day usually, though on average fewer posts than on Yet since I already did MSDN, it would be a disservice to not also highlight this side of things, wouldn’t it? Fair is fair and all that…

If you consider yourself a Microsoft Power User, work on the IT side of the business, or like me, are “IT’s worse nightmare” (a dev who likes to pretend he knows some IT stuff ;) then this is a feed to consider.

Remember though, you will get overwhelmed if you don’t keep up or miss a few days. If it’s too much, then just say no and take advantage of the many of topic and link curators out there, some of which I’ve covered in the past, A Feed You Should Read TOC.

Snap of the latest post:


Blog Information:

Name: TechNet Blogs
Post Types: Pretty much all things Microsoft, with an IT/Technology focus


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