Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management video tour – Six videos, 30 minutes, toward Lab Management guru’ism

shadowbox - Visual Studio 2010: Lab Management Videos

“Based on popular demand, here are the videos of the different scenarios and concepts in lab management, to help you get started quickly. The videos are based on Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 RC. The first video is an overview and the subsequent 5 videos are part of a ‘How-to’ series starting from setup.

You can read the summary of each video below. Click here to download all the videos.

Overview - Lab Management

Provides an overview of how lab management fits into Visual Studio 2010, the various components, and the following key scenarios:

Video 1 - Setup and Configure Lab Management

Walks you through the setup and configuration steps. Shows you how to setup the Virtual Machine Manager server and how to configure lab management on Team Foundation Server.

Video 2 - Create a virtual environment

Walks you through the experience of creating your first virtual environment. Illustrates the two ways to create a new virtual environment – compose environment using running VMs and create a new environment using templates in the library

Video 3 - Create Build and Test Artifacts

Shows you how to create build and test artifacts needed to deploy your build on the environment and to run test cases. These artifacts are pre-requisites for the scenarios in the next two videos.

Video 4 - Automate the build-deploy-test cycle

Walks you through the experience of authoring and running a workflow to build your application, restore environment to a clean snapshot, deploy the build on your environment, take a post deployment snapshot, and run build verification tests.

Video 5 - File a rich bug with environment snapshots

Shows you how to file rich bugs with the environment snapshot, as you run manual tests. Also shows you how the developer can connect to the environment snapshot from the bug to reproduce the error.

image …”

Lab Management is the new piece of VS2010 that has many people excited. It may be the key that opens machine visualization as a interregnal part of the Development/QA process for many shops…

It will be interesting seeing how Lab Management works out in the “real world.” I hope it’s something that I’ll be able to take advantage at my place. We’ll see…


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