Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Demystifying The Cloud – An Introduction to Cloud Computing” free ebook which includes the three popular services, Amazon, Google and Azure

Janakiram MSV - Download The eBook - Demystifying The Cloud

“I wanted to write a technical book for a long time. Though some of the well known publishers approached me, I never mustered enough courage to sign up and commit to them. With a full time job and a busy schedule, I am not sure if I would be able to meet the deadlines and deliver it on time. For the last couple of months, I have been working on authoring my first eBook. This gave me the flexibility of working at my own pace to put together the chapters.

‘Demystifying The Cloud’ has 6 chapters. The first three chapters focus on the core concepts and terminologies while the rest of the chapters introduce the popular Cloud Computing stacks including Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure. This book is meant for developers who want to understand the fundamentals of Cloud Computing.


From the PDF;


This guide explains the concepts of Cloud Computing in simple terms. The first three chapters introduce the key concepts and the terminologies of the Cloud. The remaining chapters cover the major implementations of the Cloud Computing including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure Platform and Google App Engine. This is targeted towards to the beginners and intermediate developers with a basic understanding of web technologies.



Given the introductory nature and scope (i.e. Amazon, Google and Azure) I thought this a nice reference for those who might not yet be “Cloud Conversant” (cough… management… cough… ;)

Remember, you might think “cloud” is almost old news now, but if you’re reading this then it’s possible that you are well ahead of the curve, an early adopter, a bleeding edge kind of geek. Not everyone has this trait. You might very well be years ahead of your peers, co-workers, leadership, etc. So it’s important that we capture resources to help them once they begin to catch up (and since you’ll have already forgotten where you saw this, all you need to remember is to search my blog for “cloud”… and you’ll find it… That’s what I do! lol)

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