Thursday, March 25, 2010

MIX10? There’s an OData Feed for that…

visitmix.comAPI for Session data (

“Not happy browsing our list of sessions on the web, feel like doing some data mining of your own, building an app to show how schedule planning should be done? Well, if any of those statements apply to you, then we have the data you need.

There are two main ways to access the session and speaker data for MIX 2010; via OData, a rich data source exposed using standards compliant formats and with query support, or via the full session RSS feed.



ZOMG, that’s awesome. How did I miss this until now? I’ve been asking (well whining) for this for a few years now…

Now PLEASE Microsoft, make this broader, into a compressive “Microsoft Conference” API/OData end point. I’d like one feed for ALL free, past, current and future MS Conference resources. Think of the cool things we, your community, will be able to build with something like that (like Tim Heuer has already done for Mix10)!

In any case, this, and the single page of video links, is a big step forward. Thank you for listening.

(via Method ~ of ~ failed - MIX10: Yet another way to view video content sessions using their OData feed)


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