Friday, March 26, 2010

Windows Phone 7 in 7 – Learning how to develop for Windows Phone 7, in 7 minute blocks… [Coming soon, starting April 5th] - Windows Phone 7 in 7!

“Get to know Windows Phone 7, 7 minutes at a time! In this series of short, code-focused videos you’ll learn how to build applications for Microsoft’s revolutionary new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 Series. Each video is under seven minutes long, so you can learn something new over your next coffee break!

Windows Phone "7 in 7": Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
The easiest way to develop for Windows Phone 7 series is with the familiar Microsoft Silverlight platform. In this video, see how Windows Phone supports Silverlight and how you can use XAML and .NET to build a simple Silverlight-based Windows Phone application.

Windows Phone "7 in 7": XNA and Windows Phone 7
Microsoft XNA Framework is a set of software, services and resources for developing games on Microsoft platforms. In this video, see how XNA can be used to build games that target Windows Phone 7 Series.

Windows Phone "7 in 7": The Windows Phone 7 Series Application Architecture
Windows 7 Phone 7 Series represents a complete departure from previous versions of Windows Mobile. In this video, get to know the architecture that will support the apps that you’ll be building for Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone "7 in 7": Introducing Windows Phone 7 Series
In February 2010, Microsoft announced its revolutionary mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 Series. In this video you’ll get to know the features that make Windows Phone 7 unique and get a glimpse at what it will be like to build applications for the next generation of Windows phones.

Windows Phone "7 in 7":Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 Series
In this brief video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started building applications for Windows Phone 7 series… You’ll learn where to download the tools, how to get them installed, and how to create a simple Windows Phone 7 application.


…” [GD: Page pretty much leached in full…]

<whine> I don’t want to wait until April…</whine>  :p

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