Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #32–Visual Studio ALM User Group

In the past few Feeds You Should Read I’ve been focusing on feeds that might be easily missed, needles in a pile of needles, kinds of feeds. Today’s Feed is  no different. It’s a Feed/resource that you don’t hear about allot, yet I’ve found to provide a good deal of great information.

Also I went to some Visual Studio ALM training this past week and so this topic happened to be on my mind… ;)

Visual Studio ALM User Group



I’ve been a “member” of the Visual Studio ALM User Group for a couple years now (since it was the Team System User Group-Virtual Edition [TSUG-VE], If no one is there, is it really a user group meeting? Yep! If it’s virtual at least… ) and have found it to be a great source of timely information.

The user group “meets” online and is focused on providing web presentations. So if you’re a wall flower/lurker kind of person (cough.. like me… cough) then these sessions are great. They don’t require anything from you, just a brain to pour information into. It’s free, low impact, no drama and only meets for about hour a couple times a month. Oh and if you miss a session, they are recorded so you can catch them later…

One of the cool things about the group is how session times staggered to allow for easier non-US attendance. So for those outside the US, there’s likely a timeslot that might work better for you. Much better than the usual slots you normally have to deal with.

The topics are ALM focused (funny that, given the group name). Meaning they are not directly about programming/.Net/C#/WPF/etc. They are about how you can use Visual Studio and Team Function Server to help mange your development practices, i.e. stuff many of us have to deal with day in and out in a day jobs.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Using Visual Studio in a business/enterprise?

Using Team Foundation Server?

Working on projects with more than one other team member?

Projects that are not “one-off’s” but have a long shelf life?

Interested in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and how Visual Studio can help you?

Want to learn from people who have been in the VS ALM space for years, who’ve been watching the product, training others in how to use and have a broad connection to the VS community?

Then do I need to say that this feed may be for you?

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