Saturday, July 24, 2010

Would you like some Ultimate [Ranger] Architecture Guidance? There’s a Visual Studio Gallery page for that…

Visual Studio GalleryRangersArchitectureGuidance

“Practical guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, which is focused on modeling tools. This release includes common usage scenarios, hands on labs, and lessons learnt from the community discussions.

The scenarios include understanding and reverse engineering an existing application or starting a new application from scratch. These are both common challenges that any dev lead or architect faces. The intent is to present you with examples that show how these tools can support you in real world scenarios, and to provide you with practical guidance and checklists, instead of an in-depth tour of the product features.



The Architecture Guidance coolness that I posted about here, is now available in the Visual Studio Gallery here. This makes it drop dead easy to install and begin using this guidance.


I’m coming to believe the killer feature of VS2010 is, not .Net 4, not VB10, Not EF4 or WF4, but its extensibility story (VSIX, Extension Manager, the new WPF based editing environment, the Visual Studio Gallery integration, etc…).


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