Thursday, July 22, 2010

PowerShell Cookbook (site, not book)–Short, simple yet still sweet…

PowerShell Cookbook

“This is a list of items my colleagues and I have found useful in our work. It's not intended to be encyclopedic, but rather a place to record things a beginner would find useful, especially things that might take a long time to figure out.

This page was started before O'Reilly published Windows PowerShell Cookbook by Lee Holmes. I recommend O'Reilly's book, but this page is unrelated to it.

image …”

Not a ton of stuff, but it’s so approachable, concise and likely stuff that many people need (i.e. perfect for just-in-time learning), that I wanted to capture it for future reference.

(via SharePoint and related stuff - PowerShell Cookbook)

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