Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diagnostic Data Adapters, Coded UI & Test Type Extensibility – Some of the things you’ll find on the VS2010 Test SDK Page

Visual Studio Development Center - Visual Studio Test SDK

“Using the Visual Studio 2010 Test SDK you can extend the functionality provided for testing.

Diagnostic Data Adapters

Diagnostic data adapters specify what to collect or how to affect the test machine while you are running tests. They might create an action recording, an action log, a video recording, or collect system information. They can also…

Coded UI

While Fast Forward for Manual Testing and Coded UI Tests work well with accessible controls, there are many controls that do not support accessibility.  In these situations, a Technology Provider can enable you to automate these controls.

Test Type Extensibility

Test type extensibility allows you to customize the way unit tests are run or to integrate your tests from your testing framework into Visual Studio

image …”

Some interesting information and samples for extending VS’ Testing capability (sigh… you know me, I’m just a sucker for SDK’s… ;)

Personal Whine: I wish resource pages like this had a RSS feed so we could easily keep up on future changes, updates, etc (as I hope this page is dynamic and grows over time, and if so I’d like to painlessly keep up on those changes, which a RSS feed would enable… yada, yada, yada)

(via Gautam Goenka (MSFT) - VS Test SDK is now live)

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