Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Visual Studio to Get GIT

Visual Studio Gallery - Git Source Control Provider

“Visual Studio users are used to see files' source control status right inside the solution explorer, whether it is SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server, Subversion or even Mercurial. This plug-in integrates Git with Visual Studio solution explorer.

image …”

I’ve not jumped on the Git bandwagon yet, but if I did I’d want this free extension… Plus I just couldn’t pass up being able to title a post like this… LOL


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Unknown said...

If you had jumped on the Git bandwagon you would probably find that this plugin is not necessary. Getting rid of the exclusive check out model of VSS et. al. removes most of the utility of SCM integration.

Even with SVN I only found SCM integration really helpful for rename operations, and never went back to it after new version of AnkhSVN introduced some bugs (they are long since fixed). Git handles renames better than svn and eliminates any of my desire for SCM integration.

A plugin is nice to allay the concerns of those who are uncomfortable making the transition to git, but if you are willing to invest a little effort into learning to use git gui and the command line, I think the end result will be much greater satisfaction with the tools.

yysun said...

Hi Greg, I am the author of this plug-in. I liked this blog title. May I ask your permission to use it as the slogan of the plug-in?

BTW, @sschlesi, this plugin is just to display if the files are Git tracked, modified and staged. It does not have nor try to wrap Git functions. It gives right click menu to launch Git command line right inside visual studio all for the convenience purpose.

Greg said...

@yysun, Sure, please feel free to use the title in any way you want. :)