Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Feed You Should Read #31 - Pete Brown's (POKE 53280,0)

Today’s feed is someone who could/should be a ”Lister.” Someone who’s been blogging for over half a decade, who’s content is thought provoking, cutting edge and just cool, yet who’s FeedBurner count is nowhere near where is should be (IMHO)… Pete Brown's Blog (POKE 53280,0)



I’ve only been following Pete’s blog just over a year, having “found” him via Hanselminutes Podcast 155 - A C64 Emulator with Silverlight 3 by Pete Brown. Since then I’ve come to look forward to his “Windows Client Development Roundup” link posts as well as following him on his other adventures.

Come on how cool is it that he’s done Commodore 64 Emulator for WPF & SilverLight? That’s just officially cool. And a t-shirt like this? LOL

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Doing Windows Client Dev?

Silverlight? WPF?

Interested in someone doing cool projects (and more than will to share their code?)

Interested in a “dev” who’s in the “Microsoft Sphere” but only just recently joined the Mothership?

Then here’s a feed for you…

Snap of the latest post:


Blog Information:

Name: Pete Brown's Blog (POKE 53280,0)
Post Types: Microsoft Windows Client Development, SilverLight, WPF


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