Friday, June 04, 2010

“Getting Started with Extending Visual Studio” page now available on the MSDN Visual Studio Dev Center

MSDN Visual Studio Dev Center - Getting Started with Extending Visual Studio

“Learn how to customize and extend Visual Studio to automate tasks or add features.

Introduction to Automation and IDE Extensibility

Learn how to programmatically automate repetitive tasks, extend Visual Studio with tools such as add-ins and wizards, and create packages and Visual Studio applications using the Visual Studio SDK.

Project System

Learn how to write your own Project System as well as how to extend the existing Project Systems in Visual Studio.


Learn how to extend the Visual Studio 2010 fully interactive source debugger.


Written in managed code, and implemented using the Windows Presentation Foundation. You can extend editor features by using the Managed Extensibility Framework. Learn the various ways in which you can customize and extend the Editor.

User Interface

Learn how VSPackages influence the appearance of user interface (UI) elements in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), how to create UI that closely resembles the Visual Studio IDE, and how to program UI elements in the IDE.

Help Authoring and Integration

Learn how to use tools to produce Visual Studio 2010 compatible help content.

UML and DSL Tools

Learn how to build graphical models to generate code.

Visual Studio Shell

Learn how to create a custom tool that has its own integrated development environment (IDE). The Visual Studio Shell provides a hierarchal project system, integration with editors and designers, source code control, and a familiar user interface that may reduce the learning curve for end users.

Team Foundation Server Extensibility in Visual Studio

Learn how to customize and extend Team Foundation Server to meet your specific needs.

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