Tuesday, June 22, 2010

“Windows Azure Architecture Guide, Part 1 – Moving Applications to the Cloud” now available as an interactive guide.

Windows Azure Architecture Guide, Part 1 – Moving Applications to the Cloud


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CodePlex - patterns & practices - Windows Azure Guidance

“Now that Windows Azure is a released service, many customers are looking for guidance on how to make the move to the new platform and make the most of it. patterns & practices has just now started a series of projects that target application design and development on this new platform.

The key themes for these projects are:
1. Moving to the Cloud
2. Integrating with the Cloud
3. Leveraging the Cloud

These themes will allow us to categorize the scenarios that we will be delivering. Most of the scenarios are challenges that customers face today. And as we progress the program forward we will have more scenarios.

#1 is about migration and re-purposing existing applications and skills. #2 is about connecting cloud applications with on-premises systems and #3 is about taking advantages of intrinsic properties from the cloud, such as elastic demand, etc.

We'll periodically publish early versions of our deliverable on this site. Stay tuned!

Part 1 of the Guide is complete (brownfield scenario)

Download samples, browse the content here.

Part 2 of the Guide (focused on greenfield scenarios)

Download it from here.


The interactive guide is interesting. Sure is much easier to scan and browse the content. And good to see it actually hosted on Azure… ;)

<whine> As a re-blogger (err.. I mean “web content curator”… yeah… that) I do find this kind of content a little frustrating. Flash or Silverlight, doesn’t matter, it’s that I can’t easily copy text for quoting out (sure I could crack the XAP but that’s a little much…lol). But that’s a very minor “me” thing </whine>

The interactive content as well as the PDF’s and samples in the Codeplex project provide more great information for those looking at Azure. If you think this is where you’re going or are just interested, check them out…

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