Thursday, August 05, 2010

Four chapters that didn’t make the “"Visual Basic 2010 Unleashed” book are being given to you free...

Alessandro Del Sole's Blog - Free chapters from my book "VB 2010 Unleashed"

“I would like to let you know that you can download for free the "web-only" chapters from my book "Visual Basic 2010 Unleashed". These are chapters that we could not include in the printed book for space reasons. They are available in PDF format from the following links:

Chapter 56: Advanced IDE Features.

Chapter 57: Introducing the Visual Studio Extensibility.

Chapter 58: Advanced Analysis Tools.

Chapter 59: Testing Code with Unit Tests, Test-Driven Development, and Code Contracts.

In these chapters I discuss the Visual Studio extensibility, advanced IDE features (such as code snippets and templates), analysis tools like IntelliTrace and Code Analysis but also unit testing, test driven development and the new Code Contracts library. All against Visual Basic 2010 applications. I hope they are useful for your work!” [GD: Post leached in full. Click through for the PDF download links]

What I liked about this was that the chapters were not preview chapters of stuff already in the book, but extra, above and beyond, content. The PDF’s are professional/publish grade content, 100 pages of it…


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