Monday, August 15, 2011

Lego my Robotics Developer Studio... "Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio" book now available for purchase

CRC Press - Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio


Price: $79.95
Cat. #: K11150
ISBN: 9781439821657
ISBN 10: 1439821658
Publication Date: June 23, 2011
Number of Pages: 287
Availability: In Stock
Binding(s): Hardback | Available in e-book!


  • Uses MSRDS and LEGO robots as a platform for teaching intelligent robot software development
  • Explains how to install MSRDS
  • Offers a full introduction to the major components of MSRDS, including CCR, DSS, MVPL, and VSE
  • Discusses how MSRDS can solve robot development issues, such as multi-task coordination, concurrency event handing, and applicability for different modules
  • Includes many useful examples that enable hands-on understanding of the principles of robotics
  • Provides the MSRDS codes for all examples on a companion website


The Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio (MSRDS) and LEGO® robots together offer a flexible platform for creating robotic systems. Designed for novices with basic programming skills, Robot Development Using Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio provides clear instructions on developing and operating robots. It includes an extensive array of examples, with corresponding step-by-step tutorials and explanations.

The first several chapters of the book introduce the development environment of MSRDS, including concurrency and coordination runtime (CCR), decentralized software services (DSS), visual simulation environment (VSE), and the Microsoft Visual Programming Language (MVPL). The text then covers the inputs and outputs to the robot and control logic and describes how MSRDS can be used to control a LEGO robot’s hearing and vision. It also presents a real-life example involving a sumo robot contest. The final chapter provides information on related academic courses, websites, and books.

The top-down approach used in this text helps readers think of a robot as a system rather than an assemblage of parts. Readers gain an understanding of methods for integration, design trade-offs, and teamwork—all essential skills for building robots. The MSRDS codes for all examples are available at


Legos! Robots! Robotics Developer Studio! Ahhh....!!!!

(All that excited yelling has tired me out... ;)

(via Microsoft Robotics Blog - New book about RDS using VPL and LEGO NXT)

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