Monday, August 15, 2011

Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, RSS, Picasa and you...

Kunal's Blog - Fetching Picasa Images through RSS in WP7

"Today in this article we will discuss how to fetch feed from Picasa and display images from that RSS feed to your Windows Phone 7. This will not only clear the image feed mechanism in WP7, but will also help you to understand how to read RSS feed in Windows Phone 7 or in a Silverlight application.

After reading this article, you will be able to fetch any feed and display specific content in your application. Hope, this will help you. Don't forget to share it to your followers and if you have any query, drop a line below.


I thought this cool and something I couldn't share via my other blogging outlets (cough... For some reason it's frowned upon when I blog about Google related stuff on MS sites... Imaging that! LOL). I really dig seeing this kind of cross pollination, WP7 accessing Picasa...

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