Monday, August 30, 2010

I find you “Ultra!” - Ultra Find VS2010 Add-in (Think “Find in Files++”)

Visual Studio Gallery - Ultra Find

“Ultra Find is a Find in Files substitute for Visual Studio 2010. Take advantage of Windows Search and sift through millions of lines of code in seconds. Ultra Find also enables you to:

  • Search for classes and methods
  • Exclude file patterns
  • Zoom in Find Results
  • Highlight matches
  • Configure presets
  • Maintain an unlimited number of Find Results windows

Using Windows Search is not required, but is highly recommended when searching across large code bases. Ultra Find is multi-instance friendly and keeps its settings and search history synchronized between multiple instances of Visual Studio in real time.


If you didn’t catch these posts in the Gallery entry, you’ll want to review them too, Ultra Find (Getting Started) & Ultra Find (Setting Up Windows Search)

Also depending on your VS Settings you may or may not see Ultra Find items. I’m using the VB Settings and that seems to be an “issue”. The expected submenu isn’t there, and so I can access Ultra Find. sigh… I’m now looking for a way to manually add it (or am thinking of finally leaving the VB Settings behind. I’ve run into issues with it in the past and I’m not sure I need its “help” anymore… but that’s a bit much for a Monday). Worse case, the hotkey DOES work in with my VB Settings, CTRL+`

Anyway, this looks cool and I dig how it hooks into Windows Search.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, this tool is from programmers for programmers and there is no option to use RegEx - the most powerful search and replace mechanism on the Earth?

Anonymous said...

You probably figured this out already, but Ultra Find can be added manually to menu like this:

1. Select Customize... from the Tools menu
2. Select the Commands tab
3. Choose a menu from the Menu bar dropdown (e.g. "Edit" for the Edit menu)
4. Click Add Command... button
5. Select "Edit" in the Categories list
6. Look for either "cmdidFindInFilesWindows" or "Ultra Find" depending on your setup (if you see the former, it will actually appear as Ultra Find in the menu)
7. Finally click OK and Close

Greg said...

Prefect, thank you