Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OData Primer - A human curated OData resource just for you…

Looking for information about OData? Is playing the web search game for it making you a little crazy? Wish there was a simpler way to see a list of OData resources, links, information, etc, one maybe curated by humans?

The OData Primer wiki might be just what you are looking for…



As you know, I scan about 1.2 billon feed posts a day (approximately ;) and as I come across items that appear to be OData related I switch over to the OData Primer site and add the relevant information/links.  And I’m just one of the community of contributors.

For example, just today I added both Building a Mobile-Browser-Friendly List of PDC 2010 Sessions with Windows Azure and OData and Walkthrough: OData client for Windows Live Services links to the main page and the Consuming OData page.

To give you a feel for the continued growth and health of the wiki, here’s a shot of that same page from March 2010;


As you can see the amount of info has grown pretty dramatically…

Here’s a shot of a break-out page for consuming OData, OData Primer - Consuming OData Services, where we’ve tried to organize the links into reasonable categories;


Remember this is a labor of love and very much a community effort… :)


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