Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tons of SQL Server “free stuff” - Utilities, scripts, eBooks, add-ins, databases, doc’s and more

Aaron Bertrand - Useful, free resources for SQL Server

“Recently Dave Ballantyne posted a list of free resources for SQL Server, entitled "The best things in life are free."  Now, I'm not trying to upstage Dave, but I know of several resources that aren't on his list.  It would be good to have a true community page for this kind of thing, but for now a blog post will have to do.  [I also just re-noticed Mladen Prajdic's post on free SQL Server tools, and his list is quite exhaustive.]  Please leave a comment if you spot any errors, omissions, broken links, etc.

Free Upgrade Advisors / Best Practices Analyzers

Free Documentation

Free Feature Packs

Free Management Studio Add-Ins

Free Community Resources

Free Blog Assistance

Free Sample Databases

Free Maintenance / Performance Scripts

Free Maintenance / Performance Tools

Free Configuration / Policy Tools

Free SQL Server IDEs

Free SQL Server eBooks

Free SSIS Tools and Resources

Free PowerShell Tools and Resources

Free PowerShell eBooks

download …”

A number of free resources that might not be on the normal/usual beaten path…


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1.43 thousand free SQL Server tools and utilities (okay, not really that many, but officially “a bunch”)

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