Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TouchToolkit - Get your multi-touch, multi-device, multi-environment dev on!

Shahed's blog - Introducing TouchToolkit - simplify the multi-touch application development and testing complexities

“I have been developing TouchToolkit for some time now and just released the October community technical preview (CTP) at the codeplex project website. The key features are:

  • A domain-specific language to define custom gestures (e.g. sample gestures)
  • Supports Windows 7/WPF 4.0 Touch API, Microsoft Surface, Silverlight and TUIO


CodePlex - TouchToolkit

Project Description:
A toolkit to simplify the multi-touch application development and testing complexities. It currently supports WPF and Silverlight.


  • A predefined set of common gestures. (i.e. sample gestures)
  • A domain-specific language to define new gestures including multi-step, multi-user, multi-touch scenarios
  • A device independent architecture that allows the application to run on different devices (i.e. Microsoft Surface, SMART Tables, Windows 7 Touch enabled devices)
  • A test framework that allows to write unit tests to validate touch interactions and gesture definitions
  • A record/playback tool for testing & debugging applications as well as simulating multi-user scenarios
  • A visual effects framework to provide consistent visual feedback for touch interactions & gestures

Where to go next!


TouchToolkit - TouchToolkit Oct CTP


Released: Oct 10 2010
Updated: Oct 10 2010
Dev status: Alpha

TouchToolkit Oct CTP
application, 10408K, uploaded Sun….

Release Notes

Some of the previous templates have been renamed in this release. We recommend that you uninstall any previous TouchToolkit templates before installing this version. Instructions to uninstall visual studio templates can be found here.
This release includes the following features:

  • Project templates for Silverlight, Microsoft Surface, Windows 7 Touch and TUIO based application
  • Option to create new primitive conditions and return types (new)
  • Unit test support for gestures

The download package contains a Visual Studio 2010 template installer [GD: Emphasis added… Yep it’s a vsix which I think it kind of cool]. The template contains the necessary files you need to start developing applications using TouchToolkit.


TouchToolkit - List of Predefined Gestures


This seems like a pretty cool project…

Ever since I got a touch system (my PDC09 Acer 1420p) I’ve been playing a little with touch development. This project looks to make that a good bit easier…

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