Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A one-stop-dev-shop for WP7 Dev, the “Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices” wiki.

Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki V0.1

What is this page?

This document represents current consensus around development best practices for Windows Phone 7.

These best practices are collaboratively developed and discussed by the WP7 developers community. As such, anyone may contribute.

This wiki page was initially edited and will continually go through quality assurance by former Microsoft Silverlight program manager Justin Angel.

Who is the target audience for this wiki?

Experienced Silverlight, WPF or WP7 Developers.

If you're new to Silverlight, never explored WP7 or a professorial designer then you're unlikely to find this wiki to be a welcoming and promising start to your WP7 career.

Rule of thumb: If you do not understand these best practices, you are most likely not the target audience for this document.

"It's ruined! It's all gone terribly terribly wrong!"

If you have something valuable to add (like a super cool blog post you wrote), add it.

If you don't agree with what's on this page (like how a topic is represented), edit it.

If you think an advice is obsolete, delete it.


Good bit of content already there… :)

(via Justin myJustin = new Silverlight.Expert.Justin(); - Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki)

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