Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Pre-Book Review] Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

[Disclaimer: This book was provided to me for free by the publisher.]

The hungry guys at [Packt] have given me a chance to review another of their books, this time the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0. Given my past interest in EntLib I couldn’t pass it up…


The book just arrived and I’ll be going through it in the coming weeks. In the mean time to wet your appetite here’s a press release and a sample chapter (Chapter 1)…

“Press Release

November 2010

Develop enterprise applications using Packt's new Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 book

Packt is pleased to announce Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, a new book that helps programmers to  develop enterprise applications using the enterprise library application blocks as well as set up the initial infrastructure configuration of the application blocks using the configuration editor. Written by Sachin Joshi, this book provides an in-depth knowledge about the individual functional Application Blocks as well as enabling reconfiguration of various applications in order to improve testing of the application in isolation.

Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable application blocks designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges. It provides an API to facilitate best practices in core areas of programming including data access, security, logging, exception handling and others. Enterprise Library is provided as pluggable binaries and source code, which can be freely used and customized by developers for their own purposes.

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 gives programmers an overview of the different reusable software components in the Enterprise Library and their inter-dependencies which helps in increasing productivity through the satisfaction of common application concerns. It gives a thorough analysis on the implementation of custom trace listener, log formatter, and log filter as well as configuring the Exception Handling block and wrap.

This book's step-by-step tutorial provides complete guidance towards the development of small applications in order to implement the functions in each application block. Users would be able to configure the Exception Handling block, and wrap or replace exceptions using a Wrap Handler or a Replace Handler. They can also implement a custom Hash Provider and Symmetric Cryptography Provider.

Programmers, consultants or associate architects, interested in developing enterprise applications will find this book an interesting and beneficial read. This book is out now and available from Packt. For more information please visit

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 - Chapter 1



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