Friday, January 28, 2011

BGInfo isn't just for wallpaper you know... (I didn't, but now I do ;) - Using BGInfo to capture and save system configuration to SQL Server (or other database)

Sysadmin Geek - Use BGInfo to Build a Database of System Information of Your Network Computers

"One of the more popular tools of the Sysinternals suite among system administrators is BGInfo which tacks real-time system information to your desktop wallpaper when you first login. For obvious reasons, having information such as system memory, available hard drive space and system up time (among others) right in front of you is very convenient when you are managing several systems.

A little known feature about this handy utility is the ability to have system information automatically saved to a SQL database or some other data file. With a few minutes of setup work you can easily configure BGInfo to record system information of all your network computers in a centralized storage location. You can then use this data to monitor or report on these systems however you see fit. [GD: Emphasis added]



I've only been a very happy BGInfo user since 2003 and never realized I can use it this way... sigh.

This post provides a soup to nuts guide to using BGInfo to grab and store machine data. From setting up BGInfo, to building the database, deploying and running it, it's all here.


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