Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solar Panel Update: Solar power in the Southern California Winter - The $1 electric bill

A couple people have asked how our electric generating solar panels are doing now that it's winter (such as we have winters in Sothern California... ;)

I think this snapshot digest of our usage history says it all. In January 2011 we used about 10% of electricity we've used in 5 years. From 25+ KHW used daily to 3! From a bill of $130+ to $1, yes, one dollar.


If you remember from past posts, we paid a "just as we were transitioning to solar" electric bill of $130'ish in May 2010 that ended up being credited back to us. As of Jan 24 2011 we have $120 credit. At this rate, it's going to be a couple years before we even see a bill from SCE. How cool is that! :)

Am I still a happy solar guy? Oh yeah...


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