Friday, March 11, 2011

Different POV's of DVCS

Bill Wagner - Distributed Version Control: My reasons for using it

"Distributed Version Control (DVCS) is generating lots of interest, buzz, and rhetoric. You’ve heard of Git, Mercurial (Hg), and Bzr. You’ve probably been told that all the cool kids are using it. Unfortunately, for these tools, and you, too often the proponents of these tools do a terrible job of explaining the benefits (at least in my opinion). This post explains why I like DVCS, from several perspectives. I’ve used Bazaar in the past, and have switched to Mercurial for the past several months.
If I get to choose the version control for a project, I will choose Mercurial. The rest of this post explains why.

The ‘D’ in Distributed Version Control

As a Developer
As a Project Lead
As a Company Owner
DVCS is one of the current high emotion dev meme's recently circulating and one I've not really understood. I've been happy with my central server based VCS and just didn't see what DVCS bought me. Now, after reading Bill's post my understanding the "why" of DVCS is better. I now see why its getting some of the excitement it is. Am I running out and dropping my current VCS? Nope, at least not today... But it's sure got me thinking...

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