Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ed Bott provides a simple and easy Windows OS End of Life/Support Summary

Ed Bott's Microsoft Report - How long will Microsoft support XP, Vista, and Windows 7?

"In an ideal world, old versions of Windows would roll off Microsoft’s list of supported products and be replaced by new ones at regular, predicable intervals. That upgrade cycle has been anything but smooth and predictable in recent years, however. Microsoft’s support policy is still returning to normal after XP was allowed to live well past its normal retirement date and then got multiple extensions to placate customers who just said no to Vista.

I was reminded of this confusion earlier today when Matt Gardenghi asked a great question via Twitter:

Where would I find a list of supported MS OS versions? Trying to determine what’s in support and what’s out of support.

Microsoft product lifecycle policy is actually quite coherent and easy to understand, at least on paper.  ...


For Windows XP, however, those calculations don’t work, because Microsoft has extended XP’s life artificially. To find XP’s end-of-support date, you should use the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search page to get the official answer.


Here’s the




I was JUST looking for this information yesterday. I knew XP SP3 ended support in 2013/2014 but couldn't find that as a hard date (having even looked at the Life Cycle page/search and I swear I couldn't find this information "search results for Windows XP" sigh...). Anyway, Mr Bott to the rescue... :)

(via Windows Enterprise Desktop - Sunsets Ahead: Ed Bott Summarizes Windows Retirement Dates)

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