Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make capturing Windows Phone 7 Marketplace app submission screenshots simple and easy with the "WP7 Simulator Cropper"

Mike Ormond's Blog - Capturing Screenshots on Windows Phone 7

"One of the requirements for application submission to Marketplace is a representative screenshot of your app in action. Being old-fashioned, I usually just use the built-in Snipping Tool in conjunction with the emulator (don’t forget to set it to 100% before capture). Last weekend though, at the Windows Phone Workshop in Birmingham, Pete mentioned a tool that can help automate the process for you.


The “Windows Phone 7 Simulator Cropper” is written by Cory Smith and grabs & saves screenshots of your app running in the emulator – you can capture either with or without the emulator chrome.


I've seen enough comments from people about their app's being rejected due to screenshot issues that I wanted highlight this utility. Plus I think it will come in handy when writing up WP7 Coding4Fun blog posts... ;)

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