Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Channel 9 series; "Defrag" - Going deep into troubleshooting Windows/Office/WP7/etc issues

Defrag - Defrag 001: Startup Slow Downs, Can't Boot, Blue Screens, Homegroup, IE Logins

Today I'm joined with Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharajov to help walk you through solutions to your tech support problems. In an effort to help solve future problems we're going to look at these issues beyond just fixing them and drill down into how Gov would actually troubleshoot these problems. In our next episode we'll be pulling tech support issues in part from the comments here. We're happy to take on problems with Windows, Office, WP7, or other Microsoft products, so if there are nagging issues you could use a hand with, let us know here.

In this episode of Defrag:
1:35 - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Start-up Slowdowns. (Sysinfo, Autoruns, Startup Delayer)
10:23 - Windows won't boot.
15:00 - Blue Screens (WinDBG)
26:12 - Troubleshooting Homegroup
28:48 - Problems logging in to sites with Internet Explorer.

..." [GD: Show description leached in full]

Cool new show that goes deep into solving issues, problems, etc. [Insert "teaching us to fish" comment here]

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