Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scott's "Type what I mean and not what I type" (aka AutoReplace/Correct) Windows Live Writer Plugin is back...

InsertableContentSource - AutoReplace In Live Writer Makes Triumphant Return

"Ages and ages and ages and ages (ok, you get the point) ago I told you of a hidden feature within Live Writer called AutoReplace. At the time, I mentioned that as it was unsupported/hidden, it could go at any moment, and guess what, it did. So I removed the plugin from my SkyDrive area, no point it being there if nothing is gonna happen, right.

But as the philosopher Schwarzenegger once said, “I’ll be back.” And it was. So I’m re-introducing my original plugin for this unofficial feature but with some extra value awesomesauce. As you can see from my original post, you can add what you want to replace and with what, but you have to enter them all manually. Really, Scott? Really?! Manually? So I listened to all the feedback (me!) and decided that entering it all manually is painful, especially as MS Word has one or two you could use from there. And while I’m at it, why not add some preset options that aren’t in Word.

So I did.


There’s even a handy search thing as Word has 925 default things to replace! Oh, and if you add others to Word and want them in Live Writer, just do another import, it only imports all the ones it doesn’t already have.




Been a while since I've blogged about a WLW Plugin from Scott so when mentioned that he just released this...

I've got it installed and am using it as I write this. Can you tell?...  :|


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