Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Snaging old version of SnagIt

SnagIt Guide - Snagit Old Versions

"The all new Snagit is definitely exciting, it is modern and has a lot of great improvements. It has a wider range of functions and new features, that will surely make everything faster and more efficient ( latest versions: http://www.softwarecasa.com/snagit-upgrade.html). Snagit never fails to make itself better to offer more helpful tools that produce 100% best results.

Although there will still be some of us who would prefer to use its old version for some reason. If that’s also the case with you, then you might want to check out this list of previous versions of Snagit that I have provided below, all you’ve got to do is to take your pick and download it in just one click!



I've fallen in lust with SnagIt recently and so of course subscribed to their blog. This recent post struck me as interesting, I mean check out how there are making available for download (for licensed users of course) versions all the way back to 1999. So much easer than keeping all those old/pervious versions of the installs cached on all my download HD's... ;)

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