Monday, March 21, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Development Series from Silverlight Show

Silverlight Show - Windows Phone 7 Series - Part #1: Getting Started

"Last November Microsoft released its brand new Windows Phone 7 operating system, and many of you may have already bought one of the many models it can be found on the market. If you are, like me, passionate of tech-toys, probably you have already started to play with it, downloading tons of applications from the marketplace and you have permeated your life with the beautiful features of this phone. Now, since if you are reading this pages probably you are also passionate about programming with Silverlight, it is the right moment to get deeply in touch with your phone discovering how you can write your own applications, test them on your device and finally publish them to the marketplace to possibly start earn some money, I'm pretty sure you will use to buy your next toy.

Starting with this article we will follow a path to discover one by one all the aspects of this device. I know for sure you may have already read something on Internet but from here I will start from scratch trying to give a full and complete view about what this phone can do and about what you can do with this phone.

This is the planned Table of Contents for the whole series. If you recommend adding another topic to the TOC - please feel free to comment below the article.

Windows Phone 7 Part #1: Getting Started
Windows Phone 7 Part #2: Your first app
Windows Phone 7 Part #3: Understanding navigation
Windows Phone 7 Part #4: The application lifecycle
Windows Phone 7 Part #5: Panorama and Pivot controls
Windows Phone 7 Part #6: Advanced interaction
Windows Phone 7 Part #7: Understanding Push Notifications
Windows Phone 7 Part #8: Using Sensors


In honor of the posting of the last in the series today, Windows Phone 7 Part #8: Using Sensors, I wanted to give it a shout-out (and that way I'll be able to easily find it in the future... My full text searchable remote memory store FTW...;)

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