Monday, April 18, 2011

MSBuild Extension Pack April 2011 Release - “If you MSBuild it, they will…”

Mike Fourie - MSBuild Extension Pack April 2011 Release

“The April 2011 release of the MSBuild Extension Pack is now available for download.

The April 2011 release contains

  • version for those using .Net 3.5
  • version for those using .Net 4.0

This release consolidates 40+ change sets and contains the following high level changes

  • Around 20 new Tasks / TaskActions
  • Around 19 improvements covering Documentation, new attributes and behaviour
  • Around 5 bug fixes
  • 32-bit and 64-bit installers
  • Zero backwards compatibility breaks Smile


MSBuild Extension Pack - April 2011

“The MSBuild Extension Pack April 2011 release provides a collection of over 400 MSBuild tasks. A high level summary of what the tasks currently cover includes the following:

  • System Items: Active Directory, Certificates, COM+, Console, Date and Time, Drives, Environment Variables, Event Logs, Files and Folders, FTP, GAC, Network, Performance Counters, Registry, Services, Sound
  • Code: Assemblies, AsyncExec, CAB Files, Code Signing, DynamicExecute, File Detokenisation, GUID’s, Mathematics, Strings, Threads, Xml, Zip Files
  • Applications: BizTalk 2006 / 2010, Email, IIS6, IIS7, MSBuild, SourceSafe, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, StyleCop, Twitter, Team Foundation Server, Visual Basic 6, Windows Virtual PC, WMI


If you think you need to build your own MSBuild Extension, then think twice and check out this project… There’s a good chance that if you need it, Mike’s already built it (or at least something close…)


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