Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Stepping up your NuGet Server - Adding a human friendly package view and upload

CodeCapers - Building a Nuget Server with gold plating

“Last week, Phil Haack wrote a post on how to build a NuGet Server. A NuGet server is really easy to build because 90% of the work is done by running a NuGet command. Just for fun, I decided to add some extra functionality to my NuGet Server such as a package upload form and a formatted list of packages.

In preparing my NuGet server, I followed Phil’s direction to a tee except for the fact that I used a “empty MVC 3 app with Razor support” instead of using a “ASP.NET Empty Web Application”. Out of the box, you will get a barebones, but fully functional NuGet server that provides the package list in Atom Format. For each package in the repository you will get access to properties such as the version number, license information, tags and etcetera. However, since I am not a fan of reading XML I thought it would be useful to transform that XML into HTML using XSLT. This way I can see the list of available packages without opening up Visual Studio. XSLT is one of those technologies that I have always read about but never used. So in the spirit of learning I decided to give it a try.


It’s amazing how NuGet has invigorated the .Net development community. Feels like the Visual Studio Extension capability got the fire going and nuget poured gas on it…

(via DZone . Net Zone - Building a Nuget Server with gold plating)


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