Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Zombie attacks catching you unaware and getting you down? “Record Zombie Attacks - Home CCTV DVR Solution”

GoArticles.com - Record Zombie Attacks - Home CCTV DVR Solution

“Pesky zombies have you down? Unable to record your security camera footage of your assailants as they seek to break down the doors and drink some brain juice? Ok...maybe Zombies aren't your main concern. Intruders and miscreants may however be what you wish to record and view when you're not at home. If this is the case then take a look at the HomeDVR as we list some pros and cons of its capabilities, and how it can potentially be a solution for your home surveillance needs.


To begin lets first talk about what this cctv product is exactly. The HomeDVR is a digital video recorder solution provided by a company called Securityman, and Securityman is a company who provides a lot of diverse home based cctv products and surveillance equipment. This video recorder is a more simplistic DVR when it comes to the digital video recorders used in a lot of surveillance applications; however it is a potential option for smaller home or small business based installations.



Got to love a product marketing post that starts with “Pesky zombies have you down?”… lol

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