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A Plethora Parallel Programming PDF’s - 12 Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework 4 articles for download

Microsoft Downloads - Articles on Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework 4

“A set of articles that provide information on parallel programming with the .NET Framework 4.

  • OptimizingUsingConcurrencyVisualizer.pdf 2.1MB
  • ParallelProgramsinNET4_CodingGuidelines.pdf 964KB
  • ParentChildTPLTasksRelationship.pdf 787KB
  • PerformanceCharacteristicsOfSyncPrimitives.pdf 800KB
  • PerformanceCharacteristicsOfThreadSafeCollection.pdf 682KB
  • PLINQOrderingModel.pdf 1.0MB
  • TPLOptionsTour.pdf 1.1MB
  • Using Net4ToAchieveDataParallelism.pdf 925KB
  • UsingCancellationinNET4.pdf 1.1MB
  • UsingPLINQinOfficeAddins.pdf 761KB
  • WhenToUseParallelForEachOrPLINQ.pdf 527KB
  • WorkflowAndParallelExtensionsinNET4.pdf 648KB

Quick Details

Version: 1.0

Date Published: 4/26/2010

Language: English

The .NET Framework 4 includes extended support for writing parallel applications, through enhancements to the CLR itself as well as through new libraries commonly referred to as "Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework." The set of articles available in this download provides detailed information on Parallel Extension, including the Task Parallel Library (TPL), Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), and a set of new coordination primitives and thread-safe data structures. These articles provide insights into performance characteristics, usage patterns, best practices, integration of parallelism with other programming frameworks, and more.


Wow, how’d I miss this collection?

Here’s a snap of one, “Parallel Programming in .NET 4 - Coding Guidelines”


(via Beyond Rational - Parallel programming coding guidelines)


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