Sunday, May 08, 2011

PostSharp from Download to Demo tutorial

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PostSharp is an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) framework that allows you to encapsulate repeating code patterns as .NET attributes. These attributes are referred to as aspects. Using the power of attributes you can apply them to multiple parts of your code.

This post demonstrates the value of these aspects by encapsulating a couple of common cross-cutting concerns, such as:

  • Tracing Method Execution
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling

Let’s get started…

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Demo Application
  • Tracing Method Execution
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling
  • PostSharp Calculator




I thought this article a great code based introduction to PostSharp. I really like the idea behind aspect orientated programing (AOP) and how it can help me keep my code clean, help with clean separation of concerns and yet add essential, yet often overlooked, capabilities (like logging and tracing, etc). But the "magic" of AOP is also a little scary too [insert "a technology sufficiently advanced will appear to be magic" quote here]

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