Sunday, May 15, 2011

(YANCWP7AM) Yet Another No Code Windows Phone 7 App Maker - FollowMyFeed



Bring the opportunity to your users to follow your news from their mobile phones, at any time, even without a connection!

FollowMyFeed allows you to quickly create your Windows Phone 7 application for free without any technical knowledge.
Let us guide you through a simple interface for creating an application to your image.




  • 1 RSS feed
  • Logo, Tile, Background custom
  • Offline content
  • Comments (online)
  • Share to social networks (online)


A Windows Phone 7 App Maker that I'd not seen before and recently used by the Microsoft Exchange team, Announcing a Windows Phone app for the Exchange Team Blog.

What I find a little ironic is that the site doesn't have an update/news feed. :/

In any case, I dig that there's a number of ways to create WP7 apps for non-devs...


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