Monday, May 16, 2011

New Windows Phone 7 Control - TileSlider (Think “Tile++” or “Tile that has much more text and can ‘slide’ that into view”)

InsertableContentSource - Introducing TileSlider: A #WP7 Control

“Sometimes (ok, a lot of times), Microsoft confuses me. They want a common look and feel and an air of consistency about apps for Windows Phone 7 which is why they provided some great tools in the Windows Phone 7 SDK. However, there seemed to be some omissions. For example, when you’re in the mail app and you want to select multiple mail, you can tap to the left of one email and it will pop out a checkbox next to each item. Where is this control? Why can’t I do that with my app? Well, you can if you use the awesome ListboxWithCheckBox Control.

But it’s not just that. Have you pinned a contact to your start menu? If so, then you’ll know about the user tile, it’s the same one that appears in your people hub for recently interacted with contacts. And you’ll know that it displays the contact’s picture (be it facebook profile pic or custom), slides down to reveal their name, and in some cases flips over to display their facebook status. Where is this control, Microsoft? Again, another omission from the SDK.

But now you can have that control as I’ve built one for you. Introducing TileSlider. But a video is worth a 1000 words, so here’s a 1000 words. I mean a video:


Scott’s been giving me previews of this control as he has worked on it and it’s really pretty cool.  Seems, in hindsight, like something that should available… And best of all he’s not only included a number of code samples, but the code itself. :)

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