Saturday, June 11, 2011

15 for 365 - 15 Videos Office 365 for IT Pros

TechNet Edge - Office 365 Jump Start (01): Microsoft Office 365 Overview for IT Pros

The Microsoft Office 365 Overview provides an excellent perspective of the overall value Office 365 provides to modern organizations in terms of productivity, access, familiarity, security, control and reliability. This section will help IT Pros better understand the options and advantages organizations have by taking this approach.

Here's the list of all 15;

Office 365 looks pretty interesting, and if/when I every do the micro/small business thing, I'm going to seriously considering using it. Heck, I'm considering using it for family "corp" (though that's really a little overkill... lol). Anyway, if you're interested in Office 365 and play on the IT side of the house, these videos might come in handy.

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