Thursday, June 30, 2011

datajs v1 RTW's (Think "Browser side OData JavaScript library, with HTML5 features added for flavor")

WCF Data Services Team Blog - datajs V1 Now Available

"Over the last few months, we have been hard at work on the datajs library, releasing four preview versions and working with web developers to fine-tune the library. Today, we’re proud to announce that the first version of datajs is now available for download.

What does it do?
datajs is a JavaScript library for web applications that supports the latest version of the OData protocol and HTML5 features such as local storage. It provides a simple, extensible API that can help you write better web applications, faster. Our goal is to simplify working with data on the web, and to leverage improvements in modern browsers.

Where do I get it?
You can download the development and minified version at The source code for the release is also available, distributed under the MIT license.

You can also use NuGet to download the datajs package.


datajs - JavaScript Library for data-centric web applications - datajs version 1.0.0

Released: Jun 29 2011

Dev status: Stable

Recommended Download

source code, 57K, uploaded Wed - 69 downloads

Other Available Downloads

source code, 306K, uploaded Wed - 35 downloads

Release Notes

datajs is a cross-browser and UI agnostic JavaScript library that enables data-centric web applications with the following features:

  • OData client that enables CRUD operations including batching and metadata support using both ATOM and JSON payloads.
  • Single store abstraction that provides a common API on top of HTML5 local storage technologies.
  • Data cache component that allows reading data ranges from a collection and storing them locally to reduce the number of network requests.


The OData scene has been a little quite recently, but I think that's just the quite before the storm...

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