Monday, June 27, 2011

.Net Micro Framework Codeplex'apluza (i.e. a .Net MF Codeplex Project Round-up)

.NET Micro Framework - NETMF 4.2 – Other CodePlex NETMF Projects

"In this latest release of the .NET Micro Framework we have tried to acknowledge some of the great contributions from the community and we will continue to do that. In addition, there are great contributions happening at our partner’s sites. There is one set of contributions that I want to point out that may go unnoticed. There are a number of people working on extensions to the platform that they have elected to put out as separate CodePlex projects and there is some cool and interesting stuff here. I probably missed some projects but below is what you get by searching for ‘.NET Micro Framework’ on the CodePlex site and filtering the non-NETMF hits. It is quite and impressive and eclectic set of stuff. When you have time, run the query yourself and you will be the titles and descriptions as well.


You guys may know that I do a good bit of Netduino/.Net MF posts on the Coding4Fun blog. So when I saw this, my eyes lit up... Talk about a "rich target environment" for future post material... :)

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