Sunday, June 26, 2011

SharpDevelop gets T4 support

Matt Ward - T4 Templates in SharpDevelop

"SharpDevelop 4.1 now has integrated support for T4 Templates. The T4 code generation engine for MonoDevelop has been used to make this feature possible so a big thanks to Michael Hutchinson for creating this. Features include:

  • Syntax highlighting for T4 templates (.tt and .t4 files).
  • Support for TextTemplatingFileGenerator and TextTemplatingFilePreprocessor custom tools.
  • T4 template errors shown in Errors window.

Code completion for T4 templates is not currently supported.



T4 is "the little technology that could..." While you might not hear about it much, it the foundation for a good deal of stuff you use in Visual Studio every day (or so). Seeing it added to SharpDevelop warms my heart (yeah, I know I really need a life...)

Also I like that the reach of Mono, even with its recent unpleasantness, is still long... The .Net Dev world would (will?) be a darker place without Mono.


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