Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Practical SOLID in Visual Studio - One example Solution

ASP Alliance - Creating a SOLID Visual Studio Solution

"The SOLID acronym describes five object-oriented design principles that, when followed, produce code that is cleaner and more maintainable. The last principle, the Dependency Inversion Principle, suggests that details depend upon abstractions. Unfortunately, typical project relationships in .NET applications can make this principle difficult to follow. In this article, I'll describe how one can structure a set of projects in a Visual Studio solution such that DIP can be followed, allowing for the creation of a SOLID solution. You can download the sample solution and use it as a starting point for your new solutions if you like.
We hear about SOLID allot, that it's the "right" way to build our projects, but when it comes to the day-to-day dev, what does it mean to use? Like how do we structure our Visual Studio Solutions to be SOLID like? That's what I liked about this article, it's a practical example of how we can organize our VS Solutions so we can fall into the pit of SOLID success... As icing on the cake, an example solution is provided too, which can be used as our own starting point.


Anonymous said...

I'd normally ignore the misspelling, but that is just funny.


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LOL.. DOH! Thanks. Fixed. :)

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If you change this too - the pit of SOILD success - it would be perfect.

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sigh... I glanced at the post and thought the rest were okay, but I missed that. GRRR.


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