Thursday, June 02, 2011

SQL Server Version Number Database (SQL Server 6.5 through 2008 R2 SP1 CTP...)

SQL - SQL Server Version Database

"This is a database of SQL Server versions for those of us who want to know what possible vulnerabilities may exist in unpatched SQL Server systems. This makes it easier for those of us tasked with securing those environments to prepare the proper documentation outlining the threat. Special thanks to Ken Klaft for helping maintain this area of the site. With the seamingly endless stream of PSS-only releases out there this gets to be really time-consuming.




This is as complete of a SQL Server version listing I've ever seen...

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Claude St-Louis said...

Hi Greg, the link you posted does not work... Where can I find a complete list of all the versions and builds for SQL Server ?

Greg said...

I just checked it and it seems to be working (for me at least, at the time of writing this...)