Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teachers, would you like to help Microsoft pilot a new XNA Game Development course (and get free stuff in the process)?

Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson - Would You Like to Pilot a New Game Development Course?

"Would you like to pilot a new game development course (or two) in your school? With free curriculum and software? Microsoft is starting a new XNA online community group and curriculum pilot program that features:

  • Free software
  • Free teacher-created curriculum
  • Two one semester courses

Here are the descriptions of the two courses.

Programming with C# and XNA 1: Advanced Applications in Game Development (1 semester)


Programming with C# and XNA 2: Windows Phone 7 and the Imagine Cup (1 semester)


Free is always attractive and given many education budgets, even more so now...

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Alfred Thompson said...

Thanks for the link. These should be good courses and attract a lot of students. Of course the students will have to work a bit but they'll learn alot.